January 17th 2016 - 1:00 pm


The tradition of the New Year’s Resolution dates back to the Babylonians and was religious in nature. They would promise to their god(s) that they would, in the New Year, repay their debts and return items lent to them not because they want to build their character and not because they empathize with their lenders, but because they wanted to stay in the good graces of the magical beings they thought were running things. Obviously we’re a bit skeptical of these deities, but we do like the idea of empathizing with others and pushing the needle toward realizing our ideal selves so in the spirit of continuous self-improvement we would like to make a resolution or two for 2016.

Heckfire has been around for an embarrassingly long amount of time as a band without having some sort of tangible output; something one can take home from a show or fire up Spotify to listen to. I mean, it’s like we’re up here just jerking ourselves off every week at practice and then when we get to rehearsing, we just jerk each other off some more! So,

Resolution #1: Stop jerking each other off so much. We’ll go blind!

Ok, seriously, that’s not really our first resolution. That was just a practice one so you know what the real ones will look like when they happen. We digress. We’ve been around for a long time making music and not actually distributing any so it’s high time we make an album and put something out into the world.

Serious Resolution #1: Make an album.

We’re starting next month and we hope it won’t take too long. We’ll post some updates to our Facebook page as we do this and we will still show up occasionally for performances here and there for fun. Speaking of fun, we have some real beer connoisseurs in our ranks and we also think it might be time for the band to just get off the goddamn fence and pick one.

Serious Resolution #2: Pick a band brew.

The Central Florida area really offers some amazing craft beer opportunities and in the interest of science, we think we’re going to need to sample as many types of beer as we can and rate them in some fashion which might take some organization and certainly lots of drinking, but we think we're up to the task.

There you have it; Heckfire’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: Make a record and drink more. Well, we’re a fucking band, what do you expect?