July 28th 2015 - 11:00 pm

New website under construction

It was interesting to examine all of the crazy shit someone managed to drop on the server where this website is hosted. Let me tell you, it was a mélange of PHP obfuscation techniques. The purpose of the hack was nothing more than to override search engine image searches to redirect marks to some malicious site or awesome online store selling penis-enlarging pills. I should say that we were hacked, but I don’t want to mix the meaning with the kind of hack that some shitty know-it-all suggests at a party—“Hey guys, we can use this dental floss to cut the cake! Put that knife away! I know a hack!”

As we were rooting through all of the hacked up crap on the server, we realized it would be easier to take advantage of the opportunity to re-design and re-launch our website for fun.

So, we say adieu to the old crust site and Willkommen to our new web-presence. Don your hard-hats and mind any bizarre shit that may show up here in the next few weeks while we complete the overhaul. As of tonight, the information here on shows and such is up-to-date. We’ll hit everyone back up after we're done here. Take care, everyone!

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